Wendy's musings...

The 2010 build was shaping up to be a good one. This is the first year we had an international team - 2 from Germany, 1 from Vietnam - 2 world travelers, one from Thailand and the rest from Canada. I was really looking forward to meeting everyone.

A few days prior to leaving Canada, however, we received a message from Colin who was already in Thailand, telling us that he was very ill and would have to return home for medical treatment. We were already missing Colin and we hadn't even left Canada yet. Colin had managed to raise more than enough funds to build 2 houses. We got an email a few days after that - he was safe at home, ill but receiving good treatment. We really appreciated all his help in the fund raising and truly missed having him on the build. We would sincerely like to thank everyone that supported Colin and are hoping that he can join us for 2011.

The next sort of ill piece of news was from Paula saying that she might not be able to get into Cambodia as her passport was not valid for at least 6 months. Things were looking a bit grim. However, we did meet her in BKK airport - flew to Cambodia together and she got into the country no problem (we smuggled her in our carry-one luggage).

Rendez vous day in PP arrived quicker than planned and met all the team - it was a great get together and everyone hit it off at once. The team was strong and the build went quite smoothly. We will keep in touch with everyone and hope to see a few of them again. Elena and Prinz, from Germany, are supposed to move to Atlanta so, hopefully they can make it up our way for a BBQ this summer. Also, I believe we told Alan if he threw a pig on the BBQ - we'd be there.

Will put full details in our trip report and send out to everyone.
Once again, thank you and hope to see you all in the future.

Wendy and her Trusty side-kick Bob