'Breakin'Up is hard to do'

A BIG thank you!

Today is the day that everyone starts to go their separate ways after our build. Wendy and I, Paula, Derek, Cam and Erin, are all headed towards Thailand, driving right by our build on the way to the Tatai River for a few days at an ecolodge. Allan and Lori along with Elena and Prinz, are going to Kep, which was our build destination 2 years ago. Lori continued back to Phnom Penh yesterday, to catch a flight back to Vietnam.

As we drive down the now familiar highway towards Tatai, I ask the driver to slow down and we give the horn a quick morse code message to our village as we roll by. We will keep you updated on our travels in case you are interested in the rest and recreation part of our trip.

This year's team was a great one, thanks everyone for making the build a really enjoyable time.

Thanks to....

  • All our supporters who attended rockin4tabitha4, we are already thinking about the next grand spectacle.
  • Greg, Jonathan, Nexen, and our Karma Kagyu friends Hartmut, Ania and Stephanie, (thanks for the 'double donation')
  • Janne Ritskes and her awesome Cambodian staff, Vonn and Vatai. See you next year in Pursat
Love, hugs to all our friends and supporters
Bob, Wendy and the 2010 build team
  • Allan Ashton
  • Lori Ashton
  • Elena and Prinz
  • Erin and Cam
  • Derek
  • Lori
  • and Dr. Paula