Moto daytrip...

How Asia is (sometimes)

We have been happily ensconced in paradise for going on a week now; awesome beach, great food, sunsets, pretty much everything you wish for when escaping the winter.

Yesterday we decided to rent a moto and tour the island. The day before Wendy was a little bitter after a five mile forced march, so I figured I would tool her around the island on a motorbike to shut her up.

We passed a vendor the day before on 'the long walk' and learned that the owner was from Isaan, which makes wicked bbq chicken. We stop. We'll be back later for chicken... how long? Two hours. Great.

We bounce around the isle for a while, have a gin and tonic (the tonic has quinine in it and is taken for purely medicinal purposes with the gin to activate it's medicinal effect).

At the appointed hour we return only to find three paltry chicken wings on the barbee. It's 1 o'clock... Where's our chicken? ...Oh, sorry, (with no rationale words to follow).

We give each other a quick look. OK, to town. We stop at Aimee restaurant (empty at 1:30) sit down and order drinks. Mine is easy, Wendy's however proves more difficult; ...Lime and soda please. ...No have.... OK, just a sec... (a quick scrum)... OK Fanta... Departure-Return; No Have.... We laugh and Wendy orders a coke - Have.

By now we are pretty hungry, so we order some food from the menu, and it seems like things are back on course. Several minutes later... Sorry, No Cook. We tried to laugh without being rude, not sure if we succeeded.

Back on Moto.

Stop for top up of the sim card for my mobile phone... Sorry no have...

Moto won't start.

With some help from store owner... Moto starts.

Heading back to the resort for some by now badly needed sustenance.

Run out of gas directly in front of Chicken Lady.

Ok... we seem to be fighting some karma here. 50 baht to go get some gas, we might as well have some food while we wait. Order a couple of dishes. Food actually arrives, and is good.

Gas arrives and is deposited in tank.

Only problem is... Chicken Lady is certifiably insane. German boyfriend, dead father. Boyfriend gone... that explains the "GerThaiLish" that she was speaking. Another comic relief involving convoluted explanation of offers to go to San Francisco and Canada... (Don't look at me!)

We got going while the going was good... just in case we had eaten lunch laced with ruffi's... and were safely back at the Koh Mak Resort.


Bob and his trusty sidekick Wendy