Build day 2... 6 more houses!

Day 1 was finished... everyone had a great time at dinner last night, but everyone was also pretty quickly headed to their rooms for some well earned sleep.

Next morning we all piled back into the vans for our last day of this year's build. Once again everyone was out to meet us, headed by Granny, who had taken a serious liking to Wendy. She grabbed on and wouldn't let go for a while, all the time a great smile on her face that didn't require any translation.

With 'only' six houses to go we were all back in stride in no time; well everyone but me, who was once again hangin' in.

I forged ahead on floors, staying ahead of the crowd, and the accompanying noise. It was kind of nice sitting there making sure the nails were properly spaced, and that all the floorboards were going to be properly put down. Everyone else had divided into two teams and were moving along at a good clip.

The previous day I had misunderstood Vonn, our Tabitha staffer, and passed on that we were going to have a pig roast at the end of the day. What Vonn had asked was if we wanted to go and see the gardens and pigs when we were done the build.

We were done by 11am, just as the hottest part of the day was starting to set in.

One of the funniest things on the build was when Erin cleaned up a bunch of empty nail boxes which had been strewn about our main table where we left our personal stuff while we built. She quickly had a small crew of the kids helping her to fill the large cardboard box that the nails had come in, only take them 30 feet away and dump them. We all thought that one was pretty funny.

While we were grabbing some lunch I took our picture of Doug to a house we had completed the previous day. The villagers all knew why we were putting up his picture, and gathered around as I fixed it to the house. Vonn told me that the villagers were going to build a frame for it, so that it would last. Very touching.

A one kilometer hike at high noon was work, but to see the gardens, pigs, (and local still) was really worth the journey.

We all were wiping tears away when the villagers received their houses and quilts. Doesn't seem to matter how many builds we will do, this part will always get to our hearts.

Lots of pictures of new friends to share, before we reluctantly got back into the vans for the last trip back to the Kirirom.

Everyone heads home tomorrow. Last team dinner tonight.